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Experience Northern Lights on guided tour
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onsdag 11. februar 2015 11:26
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If you plan to see the Northern Lights and need experienced guide to help you make your experience one of a lifetime, do not hesitate any further.

I can guarantee that fee will be one of lowest on the (exorbitantly expensive) Tromsø Northern Ligths market. (starting at 950NOK/pp) After all is just about you and natural phenomenon so why overpay just for name of company? Its always great to see the Lights, for years i was staying up late to photograph it. I showed lights to tens of people and its always have been great experience to see and listen to people which see something so amazing in their life for the first time.

What is included:
Transport by air-conditioned coach
Professional guide
Use of thermal suit and foot-warmers (on request)
Use of camera tripods at base station
Hot chocolate, coffee and cake (if tour only option selected)
Meal (if upgrade selected)

No guide can guarantee that you will see Northern Ligths, but we will do our best that you will see them.
In case of Heavy snow fall/ Storm weather tour can be canceled. You will get option to rebook or will be proposed full refund.

If it sounds interesting you can book your tour here.

My first Lights:
I have seen Northern Ligths for the first time in my life about 10 years ago. Funnily i have not heard about Lights until i arrived in Tromsø in August 2005. I had to wait until October, and then one night there it was, i have seen some green traces from my window. I dressed as fast as i could and was outside just in few minutes,prepared to stay outside in cold. There it was, started very lightly, as one green cloud. With beautiful and majestic Tromsdalstinden mountain in the background. Gradually cloud became a moving snake, crossing all the sky from horizon to horizon, it was so unusual and beautiful, so unlike anything i have seen ever in my life that i can clearly see it in my mind even today - almost ten years after!

Tromsø Nortern Lights forecast for next 3 and 27 days
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mandag 15. desember 2014 07:41
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Forecast provided by Space Weather Prediction Center part of US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

3 day forecast

(as with normal weather forecast) is fairly accurate most of the time. Updated every day.

27 day forecast

(as with normal weather forecast) will tend to be less accurate the more days into the future it is forecasted. Updated every 7 days.

What is an Aurora?
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fredag 12. desember 2014 12:52
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Rent a car in Tromsø
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lørdag 06. september 2014 14:06
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If you need to rent a car for your stay in Tromsø so you can explore beautiful surroundings at your own pace we recommend

Tromsø Webkameraer
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fredag 18. januar 2013 09:17
Klikk for å se LIVE nordlyset Webcams.

Webcam Utsikt fra Universitetet i Tromsø i retning sør.
Utsikt fra Universitetet i Tromsø i retning sør.

Webcam Utsikt fra Ami Hotel Tromsø.
Utsikt fra Ami Hotel Tromsø.
Webcam Utsikt fra Nordlys avis over liten båt port, Tromsøysund og Ishavskatedralen. Utsikt fra Nordlys over liten båt port, Tromsøysund og Ishavskatedralen.

Webcam Utsikt over Stortorget Tromsø
Utsikt over Stortorget.
Webcam  Sydlige utsikten fra toppen av Tromsøya
Sydlige utsikten fra toppen av Tromsøya.
Fjellheisen interaktiv webcam
Besøk fjellheisen.no hjemmeside for å se interaktiv utsikt over Tromsøya ovenfra 420m.

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